Who is Portfolio Medics?

Are you looking for a fresh approach to managing your investments? One that is not restricted to the traditional buy and hold philosophy, and that seeks to capitalize on both the markets upside and downside?

Portfolio Medics is a boutique investment advisory firm with a unique story. Founded in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, we saw many people losing their life savings, after following traditional investment advice and "hanging tight and waiting for the market to recover"

We believe that  the traditional belief of staying fully invested and using asset allocation to reduce risk was outdated, and not very effective in todays market.

We developed a unique investment strategy that is data driven, uses multiple low-correlated and non-traditional investments, and is designed to minimize exposure to market risk, yet still allows up to capitalize on the markets upside and sideways movements. 

For a complimentary portfolio review contact:

Mike Sloan, CPRC

Investment Advisor Representative

Direct: 678.895.6356